Statutory waiver of insurer's late notice defense in Virginia
The restyled Federal Rules of Evidence became effective on Dec. 1

Congress amends diversity jurisdiction statute

Who says it is a do-nothing Congress?  Congress passed the Federal Courts Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act of 2011 on 12/2/2011, which now awaits the President's signature.  Among other things, this statute makes significant adjustments to diversity jurisdiction. 

The amendments are helpful in a case involving multiple defendants, because the statute resolves a disagreement between the Circuits.  Every defendant will now get 30 days to remove, however, the defendants will still need to be unanimous as to the removal decision.

Where removal is based on federal question jurisdiction, there is a provision that requires the severance and remand of state claims not within original or supplemental federal jurisdiction.  That provision requires some caution, because removal could result in the client having to defend two lawsuits instead of one. 

A summary of the bill is available at this post on ProfsBlawg.

Thanks to the Civil Procedure and Federal Courts Blog for the link.