Lack of diversity jurisdiction can be raised at any time
Eastern District of Va. finds insurer has no duty to defend in Blackberry malpractice case

Discovery and social networking sites

DRI's online newsletter, E-Discovery Connection, vol 5, issue 3, has a number of worthwhile articles on discovery of information on social networking sites.  I like the case where a federal judge offered to do an in camera review of a party's Facebook account by "friending" the party.  Think about whether you would want a federal judge reviewing all of your Facebook pages, which would include things you didn't even write.

The following cases are among those discussed in that newsletter:

EEOC v. Simply Storage Mgmt. (courtesy of Indiana Law Blog)

O'Grady v. Superior Court

Romano v. Steelcase

Barnes v. CUS Nashville

McMillen v. Hummingbird Speedway

 Dexter v. Dexter

Moreno v. Handford Sentinel

Rehberg v. Paulk

McCann v. Harleysville

Crispin v. Audigier




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