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D.C. Bar Association finally offers online legal research, through Fastcase

The D.C. Bar is now offering Fastcase accounts as an included benefit of bar membership, i.e., at no extra cost.  The District of Columbia databases that are included are the D.C. Court of Appeals decisions, and the federal courts in the D.C. Circuit.  Fastcase does not appear to have the Superior Court decisions, nor D.C. workers compensation opinions -- yet.   Having access to the local workers compensation opinions is critical, at least for us. 

I like the Fastcase interface, and I am glad to see the D.C. Bar adopt it.  The D.C. Bar was years late on that decision, however, and the fact is, they started to offer Fastcase as a benefit of bar membership several months after Google rolled out Google Scholar's search of legal opinions by jurisdiction. 

I hope that Fastcase can run fast enough to avoid being steamrolled by Google Scholar and to give some head-to-head competition to Lexis and Westlaw.   



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