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Medical research on the internet

Thanks to for the link to a fine up-to-date article about medical research on the internet.

The article itself is here.  My only criticism of it is that I don't think it covers the British medical sites.

However, in my opinion, if you consider the value of your time, your best bet is to sign up for, which is not free, but is reasonably priced.

I've recently posted some other Research Links on this blog, some medical, which I rescued from my firm's website when it was redesigned.  Law firms don't offer pages and pages of research links on their websites anymore, it seems.  It's a pain in the neck to maintain them, as a certain number of the links "go dead" every year.  It takes a lot of work to put them together and maintain them, and it is pretty much a thankless task.  Also, the reasoning goes, why offer the reader a multitude of paths leading away from your site?   With Google and other powerful search engines, directories of research links are arguably obsolete anyway.  On the other hand, there are so many websites now that the researcher's problem is more likely to be sorting out the valuable websites from the chaff.  So there's value to a guide to doing medical research on the internet.  In the end I couldn't bear to just delete all of mine with the old website, so I copied them here, where they will be of continued use to me at least.   

Selected law school websites

Regional Law School Sites


Georgetown University Law Center Wide array of internet links, attractively organized, but takes some time to drill down.
American University
Catholic University Useful links for internet research.
George Washington University Most notably, at this site you can find U.S. Court of Federal Claims On Line (formerly Court of Claims), plus Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals info.
University of Virginia UVA internet services include links to scores of online databases, covering science, psychology, and much more.
George Mason School of Law
Howard University Law School Library site
University of Maryland
University of Baltimore
John Marshall School of Law Extensive internet links put together by this Chicago law school
Washburn University (Kansas) A leader in online legal research.

Employment Law



EEOC site New regulations, etc.
U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board Recent decisions and searchable database of decisions
Law Journal Extra See the employment page
National Employment Lawyers Association
ABA Law and Employment Law Section
Disability and the Workplace: An Internet Primer Index of Internet resources dealing with law of disabilities in the workplace
Cornell's Legal Information Institute's collection on employment law
Employment Law Information Network

Insurance websites

The following are insurance-related links of interest to us.


What's There

Reinsurance Association of America You can order their directory of arbitrators
National Association of Insurance Commissioners Keep abreast of regulatory developments.
Captive Insurers Organization for captive insurers and self-insurers
Property and Casualty A site geared towards those in the property and casualty insurance fields
Claims Magazine Articles for claims professionals
Insurance Fraud National Insurance Crime Bureau site -- education about detection of insurance fraud
Insurance Services Office Supplier of standard policy language throughout the industry
International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)
Business Insurance Magazine Portal for the title insurance industry and title companies
Reinsurance News
National Underwriter Company portal The National Underwriter Company publishes a broad array of print, e-media and software products for the insurance and financial services industries. Its key publications include the two weekly magazines, National Underwriter, Property & Casualty/Risk & Benefits Management and National Underwriter, Life & Health/Financial Services, as well as the multi-volume loose-leaf FC&S Bulletins service and the very popular Tax Facts desk references

Regional government websites

District of Columbia Sites

What's There

D.C. Government's Home Page Links to online agencies; contact information for all government agencies
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Where one can apply and pay for, and receive, 18 different business licenses, and download business forms, such as limited liability partnership registration forms.
Department of Human Services
Department of Employment Services DOES handles unemployment and workers compensation, among other things.   Some worker's compensation forms available.
Department of Health
Department of Motor Vehicles Summaries of registration requirements
Metropolitan Police Department
Office of the Chief of Police Graphics load slow and are not worth the wait.  Map of police districts, and crime statistics available.
Office of Tax and Revenue
D.C. Code Free--Courtesy of Lexis.  In HTML format, and Java format

Maryland Sites

What's There

Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation A wonderful site.  Online access to information about Maryland corporations and businesses. A welcome improvement over trying to do it by telephone.
Maryland Rules (including Maryland Rules of Evidence), other court rules Free -- Courtesy of Lexis.  Includes also local rules of District of Maryland, Bankruptcy Court, 4th Circuit
Maryland Electronic Capital Links to state, county, and city websites
Maryland Insurance Commissioner
Montgomery County, Md.
Prince George's County, Md. Circuit Court Judges' bios on Prince George's Judiciary page
Howard County
Frederick County
Baltimore County
Baltimore City

Virginia Sites

What's There

Virginia Legislative Service's Links to Local Governments Organizes the links by regions of the State, e.g., Northern Virginia
City of Alexandria
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission Includes searchable database of opinions since 1995; an overview of the Act and the text of the Act; forms
Arlington, Va.
City of Fairfax
Fairfax County
Loudoun County
Prince William County
Fairfax County, Va.'s Online Real Estate Assessment Database Allows access to assessed values of a property and other properties in the neighborhood
Maryland Real Estate Assessment Records This site allows access to assessments for entire State of Maryland

Medical research

Medical Research Sites


American Medical Association Collection of scientific and educational resources.  Searchable database of virtually every U.S. physician
Other Physician Directories Links to other physician directories
Medical Schools Links to medical schools
Medical texts and treatises Links to online medical texts and treatises, as well as to medical bookstores
Medical Journals Links to websites where medical journals can be searched
National Institutes of Health
MedMark Medical Bookmarks
MedLine Plus Health Topics
More research links for research sources for medical drug and device litigation These are sources recommended by the Drug, Device and Biotech Committee of the IADC.
Links to medical dictionaries From National Library of Medicine
HealthWeb A collection of medical links maintained by a consortium of 20 university libraries.  HealthWeb is a collaborative project of the health sciences libraries of the Greater Midwest Region (GMR) of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and those of the Committee for Institutional Cooperation. Currently there are over twenty actively participating member libraries.
National Electric Library for Health Maintained by U.K.'s National Health Service.  The National Electronic Library for Health aims to provide clinicians with access to the best current know-how and knowledge to support health care related decisions. Also available is NHS Direct Online provided as the NHS's public gateway health information.
MedicineNet.Com Medical news site run by physicians for consumers

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Links to courts

District of Columbia Courts--
Virginia Courts --
Maryland Courts--
West Virginia Courts--