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DC Superior Court to fast track auto cases

The DC Superior Court is implementing new fast track Scheduling Orders this fall for car accident cases only. 

The fast track is identified as "V" for "vehicle."

Key changes:

1. For all car accident cases, the Pretrial Date and the Mediation Date will be set at the Initial Status Conference.  Accordingly, TRIAL COUNSEL's calendar must be available to whomever is attending the Initial Status Conference (given that trial counsel MUST attend the Pretrial Conference).  Whoever attends the Initial Status Conference needs to have the trial counsel's calendar and must be able to interpret the calendar on the fly.

2. Track V1 and Track V2 are the same as the current Track 1 and 2 cases. Track V1 Fast and Track V2 Fast will be used for cases where no summary judgment will be filed. If you think that there is ANY possibility that you may file such a Motion, you SHOULD NOT agree to one of the Fast tracks. The Court will be very reluctant to grant a continuance or reschedule Pretrial Conferences. A compelling reason will be needed to obtain Track 3.

3. Please note that under the new procedures, there is very little time for a Rule 16 meeting and preparation of pretrial materials between Mediation and the Pretrial Conference.

Specimen Track "V" scheduling orders are Download specimen_track_v_scheduling_orders.pdf .

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Recent changes to D.C. Superior Court Rules 5 and 16

SCR 5 has been changed with regard to when a Certificate Regarding Discovery is to be filed.  Now, it is only to be filed when a motion relating to discovery is filed, and the certificate is to detail all the discovery to date as of that time.  SCR 16 has been changed to make mandatory the attendance at pretrial conferences any persons whose presence is necessary to settle a case, unless excused.  The old rule allowed availability by phone.  Download order_amend_scr_civil_5_and_16_082107.doc