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The 30 day period for judicial review of a MD WCC award is not extended by three days for mailing

In Chance v. WMATA, No. 240 (In the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, April 4, 2007), the Court held that the 30 day period to file a petition for judicial review under LE Section 9-737 starts running from the date of the mailing of the Commission's order, and that the 30 day period is NOT extended by Md. Rule 1-203(c)(which provides for a three-day extension to a presribed period within which a party has a right to act when the period commences after service upon the party).

Further, the opinion states that the 30 day period is in the nature of a statute of limitations and thus subject to waiver by failure of a party to raise it in the proper manner. Id., at n. 6.

In short, in a Md WCC matter, the losing party gets 30 days to file the petition for judicial review, and no extra 3 days for mailing. And if the other side makes that mistake and you don't raise it properly, the defense is waived.