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Wacked with Electronic Filing -- Please Sir, Can I have Another?

The federal courts have or are about to all adopt the ECF (Electronic Court Filing) system.  The Circuit Court for Baltimore City has adopted Courtlink File and Serve for its electronic filing system. 

It's bad enough with two systems.  Now, the D.C. Superior Court, which has been using Courtlink for Civil I cases (like asbestos), is adopting a third system called Courtview, from a contractor named BearingPoint.  The D.C. Superior Court is calling their system the Integrated Justice Information System, or IJIS.  The Family Court division of the Superior Court was moved to IJIS in Aug. 2003.  Small Claims was next, in Dec. 2004.  Landlord and Tenant Branch was next in March 2005.  Now the Civil Actions Branch is being converted.

In a letter dated March 1, 2005, Chief Judge Rufus King III indicated that BearingPoint and Microsoft provide an electronic filing manager, and that over time, attorneys will be able to choose among multiple electronic filing service providers.  Huh?  That's either going to be great and far-seeing, or a disaster.  Perhaps Murphy's law has been overturned by judicial decision in D.C.

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