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Identity Theft Insurance

I was surprised to see that St. Paul/Travelers offers identity theft insurance as a rider to their home owners insurance. I had never heard of this before. Among other things, this coverage replaces lost income, up to $500 a week for four weeks, if you need to take time off work to deal with the identity theft problems, and also with prior approval covers attorneys fees for defending suits brought incorrectly by merchants and their collection agencies, removing criminal or civil judgments wrongly entered against the victim, or challenging information in a credit report. They also have some helpful tips about identity theft on their website.

Later: Here is a list of other insurers which are offering identity theft insurance.

4th Circuit Affirms Award of Summary Judgment Where Executive Found To Have Voluntarily Resigned to Take Another Position

In a published opinion, the 4th Circuit has affirmed the Eastern District of Virginia's award of summary judgment to an employer. In this case, the plaintiff had been an executive making over $200,000 per year. The 4th Circuit found that the evidence was clear that the executive had voluntarily resigned, and that there had been no constructive discharge. Honor v. Booz-Allen & Hamilton, No. 03-2076 (4th Cir. Sept. 2, 2004).

Schooner's Cannon Salute Causes Hearing Loss During Law Firm Outing

A recent opinion by the U.S. District Court for Maryland awarded partial summary judgment against a partner in a law firm who sustained hearing loss during a law firm outing on a schooner, due to the schooner's cannon salute to a passing ship. The captain had warned the passengers to cover their ears, but the plaintiff didn't get the word because he was below deck, and was coming topside just as the cannon went off. The Court granted partial summary judgment on a count which alleged a private cause of action based on a Maryland statute prohibiting loud noises on watercraft (Md. Ann. Code, Natural Resources, § 8-725.4 (West 2004) (operating a vessel on the waters of the state so as to exceed a noise level of 90Db). The booking agent which had located and hired the schooner for the law firm received complete summary judgment.